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Vehicle Tracking Systems

TraxPath offers the best in vehicle tracking technology. All of our tracking systems feature embedded GPS and GSM/3G communication modules.

Why is this important?
FACT: Most North American cellular providers have already begun dismantling their 2G networks. Coverage shrinks every day. 
FACT: Most tracking systems available today only support 2G networks and their lifespan is coming to an end.

ou'll have to retrofit your vehicles within the next 2 years once 2G service is eliminated.

Already have 2G devices?
Contact us to discuss a trade in program where you can receive credit for sending in your 2G devices!

The TraxPath difference:
- We're backed by one of the most robust and reliable machine-to-machine networks.
- Our network has a designated gateway to the cellular networks that bypass normal phone user traffic for priority routing.
- Our network meets stringent US military requirements for guaranteed up time and performance.
- Our network even has a backup, off-site data center built on granite bedrock to ensure uninterrupted performance. Even during natural disaster.