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Refill your tracking device service with ease by choosing one of the packages below!

You can pay month to month for each device you have or prepay and save!

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  • Prepaid Monthly Service

    Prepaid Monthly Service

    BUY BULK AND SAVE! Add months of service to your device(s). This will be applied to your account. If you have more than one device, you must order at...


  • ADD ON: Locate On Demand

    ADD ON: Locate On Demand

    This ADD ON feature allows you to request your device's location in real time!  This is ideal if you would like to get location updates...


  • Device Re-Activation

    Device Re-Activation

    If service has expired on your device, this is just what you need to get back to tracking! 1 activation is good for 1 device. Once purchased, your...